Saving Money Celebrating Valentine’s Day

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My guy friends who are attached but not married yet told me that they are pretty relieved that Valentine’s Day fell on the same day as the first day of Chinese New Year this year when I asked them what sort of celebrations they have planned for Valentine’s Day.

They told me that this is indeed a rare opportunity for them to save some money since both have to return to their respective hometowns to celebrate Spring Festival which means that they are forced to celebrate Valentine’s Day earlier or later than Chinese New Year.

Valentine’s Day is a very commercialized day but when it is celebrated earlier or later than 14th February, merchants, retails and restaurateurs do not have the opportunity to overcharge these Valentine’s couples like they normally will do.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for another chance to save money in celebrating Valentine’s Day, another opportunity like this will only occur in 2048!buy female cialis online cheap

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