Time Consuming Listing Management

I don’t have too large an inventory on eBay anymore because I have been busy with other things over the past couple of weeks but according to my friends who are fellow sellers, they are telling me that with the many changes that are imposed, and there will be yet another major change come 30th March, 2010, it is becoming quite a chore just to manage their listings. Imagine that most listings have to be done manually instead of a global edit.

When something takes too much time to manage, it may no longer be a viable business, especially when they are just selling small priced items. A couple of these friends have decided to let go of their eBay business, unfortunately, and concentrate on selling by other avenues, especially their own store front where they sell on their own terms.

Anyway, even though eBay may have brought us sales previously, if it’s no longer viable, it is time to look elsewhere, if we haven’t already.

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