Unemployment Remains High

I don’t have any official statistics but judging from the tough times that my friends are going through, it looks like it’s still a long way before the economy fully recovers. During the long Spring Festival holidays, I had the chance to meet up most of my old friends and they tell me that they have been out of job for months.

The thing is, it is so difficult to look for and to secure one, even when they are not fussy at all and are willing to take a pay cut. Search for jobs in south jersey

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to Kuala Lumpur is still continuing even after all these months. Some are willing to start from scratch, applying for totally unrelated jobs from their field of expertise.

I think it’s a pity that people have to be stressed so. I can totally understand the worries that an employed person faces having been through the same tough patch previously. I told them that while they are waiting for a successful interview, they should consider setting up a small home-based business that doesn’t require intensive capital. I personally feel that it’s a workable plan. It’s better than getting demoralized just sitting around and waiting, right?generic cialis made by cipla

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