US eBay Sellers Wary Of International Buyers

It used to be US eBay sellers were only wary of African buyers but now with the

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removal of key seller-protection in PayPal if sellers ship packages to addresses not as listed in the PayPal account of the buyer, even when it’s something beyond the control of the seller when the buyer utilizes the services of a forwarding company, it looks like now US eBay sellers have to be wary of international buyers as well.

Most international buyers, the genuine ones, too use mail forwarding services to save on international shipping charges. These forwarding companies allow their customers to use the address of their office in the United States and then ship out mail or packages to their customers overseas in bulk. It’s a lot of savings this way.

But like I said, when US eBay sellers are no longer provided seller protection, why would they take the risk shipping to their international buyers when they don’t even know when the package will ultimately be delivered to? And if a charge back happens, they would lose their case, in the end losing their item and money.

Frankly, if I was affected, I too would stop shipping to international buyers immediately to protect cialis jelly

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