Beware Of Fake FIFA World Cup Tickets Sold Online

FIFA has warned that there will be plenty of scammers trying to sell FIFA World Cup tickets online on marketplaces like eBay, Craigslist and Gumtree. FIFA World Cup is a highly popular sporting event which will be held this summer in South Africa.

So far, several listings have already been removed from these marketplaces because physical tickets are not available yet and even when they are printed, the tickets will be printed with the name of the purchaser or ticket holder and only in rare circumstances, like an illness, does FIFA allow for a name change.

All those listings of ticket auctions or sale online have been found to be priced many times above face value of the “tickets” and most of these “tickets” are for matches that are already sold out.

Anyway, FIFA has advised that anyone who wishes to purchase tickets to the World Cup in South Africa should only do so at their website.

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