Boston 411 Spring Home & Bridal Show Scam

Boston police are saying that the abruptly cancelled home and bridal show known as the Boston 411 Spring Home & Bridal Show is actually an elaborate scam, raking in more than US$150,000 over the past five months, utilizing social media like Facebook and Twitter, to the maximum. The number of victims stands at over 6000 now but there may be more.

From reports that I read, brides-to-be had to pay for the entrance ticket, something like US$10 – US$25 per person but the big money is actually from vendors who paid thousands of dollars to rent booths at the venue.

I am a little puzzled though that the people who work at the convention centre, where this event was supposed to be held, did not realize that the centre was not booked for this said event. These scammers have already advertised for the past five months, didn’t the staff of the convention centre catch any wind?

Whatever the case, Boston police are calling upon victims of this scam operation to send in an email at

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