Buying Virtual Cash With Real Money

The tie-up between Facebook and PayPal, though has been in place for quite a while already but only recently announced, means that it is now even easier to buy virtual cash with real money. Just log in to PayPal!

I play a lot of games on Facebook and I have to admit that often times, I am tempted to spend some real money to buy an item or two from the game store to enable me to play my game easier or something. Thank god, so far, I haven’t spent any real money on those free games, though, and if I ever do, I will slap myself really hard.

With this partnership, it is now so much easier to part with our PayPal funds, whether to pay for a game item or to purchase advertising space, one really has to pause a while and think real hard if changing our real cash with virtual cash is a necessity or luxury. As the saying goes, “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

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