Collaborative Effort

A friend and I decided to jointly set up a website. Since he would be taking care of the back end of the side, especially the coding, he said that i would have to come up with a logo for the website. Those who know me well know that I have zero creativity and if I could choose, I would rather code than design!

My partner, though better than I, isn’t very good with designing either and so he decided to ask a friend to help out, paying him a nominal fee. We were not very happy with the logo and had to modify it ourselves. I felt as if we wasted a part of our money paying him.

I actually just found out that it takes only US$200 to get a

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logo design contest up and running thanks to the platform created by Logo My Way which helps us to reach out to hundreds of logo designers from around the world.

Each logo design contest could potentially receive at least 70 original designs and Logo My Way offers money back guarantee for contests that do not receive at least 40 entries from designers.

Browsing through past contests, I am really impressed with the quality logo designs that were produced. If I had known of this service earlier, I usually would have used it! I certainly would not feel as if I had paid for nothing.

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