Cost Saving Measures

I was discussing with a friend the cost savings measures that I am taking and he asked me if I plan to get a motorcycle now instead of the used car that i intended to purchase.

That’s a very practical idea but I don’t know how to ride a motorcycle. Also, most of my friends were involved in a motorcycle accident when they were new riders and I don’t think that I could afford to crash my motorcycle, especially at my age. Moreover, we do not have as good a motorcycle accident attorney as the

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pleasanton motorcycle accident attorney that I have read about.

Even though my father says that it’s not true that every motorcycle rider would get into an accident because it didn’t happen to him, even he disapproves the idea of me learning to ride. He prefers me to drive. The car that I ultimately purchase may be old but at least I am better protected from the elements on the road.

So I guess that no matter how I am trying to cut my cost, I would be getting a small capacity car sooner or brand cialis

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One thought on “Cost Saving Measures

  1. I would agree a car is safer than a motocycle. But, there may be options for still saving money. Sometimes leases a car is cheaper than purchasing one. Buy or lease a car that gets good gas mileage. If you buy, an older one generally requires cheaper insurance.

    In either case, new or lease plan your trips. Consolidate when and where you go to minimize traveling in circles. Buy in bulk so you shop less often, therefore driving less, burning up gas less. Even though you own a car, where can you walk or ride a bike?

    Good luck

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