Courts Ipoh Mega Clearance Sale

Did you know that Courts Ipoh, the one opposite Kinta City, is running a massive clearance sale? It’s because they are moving to a new location and it’s better for them to offload as much inventory as possible rather than shipping them all. Transportation costs would be killing.

I went there a couple of times to try to look for cheap office furniture

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for my SOHO but couldn’t find anything suitable. However, I am quite amazed that Courts is able to reduce at least RM1000 off some pricey items. It just shows how high they normally mark up their prices, even though for a hire purchase store, customers are already charged interests.

Anyway, I will continue to drop by their store off and on until they finally move out to try to look for some really price-worthy home furnishing. Too bad I have no idea when exactly they will vacate but I have news that the new tenant will be Cold Storage. A pretty big change!buy brand cialis online

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