Daytime Distractions

Being self-employed and running a small office from home, I can hardly work during the day at the best of times because I have to run errands. Just because I am around, people think that I have plenty of time on my hands which is simply not true. I have to resort to working in the wee hours of the morning when the place is quiet and I have some peace to myself.

This past week has been exceptionally bad and will continue to be so for at least one month as the house next door is under renovation. Arghhh… the noise is driving me nuts! I can tolerate cement dust but the noise just takes my concentration away.

The other day, I overhead the owners discussing with the contractor that he would like to install Dolan Designs

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lighting. I don’t know what the contractor replied but my, this couple sure has good taste, huh?

Anyway, I just hope that they will complete their renovation work as soon as possible so that I can have some peace of mind again.brand cialis for sale

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