eBay Australia Contemplating Free Listing

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In a bid to staff off competition from other online auction marketplaces, eBay Australia is contemplating offering free listing to sellers who offer local pick up but Final Value Fee (FVF) will still be charged. I personally think this is a good move since it will drive more sellers to list their items. I know I would list more if this is the case.

eBay Australia has a huge market share in Australian online auction but its growth has slowed, possibly after the debacle that tried to force all sellers in Australia to offer PayPal only as a payment option. Or perhaps the slow growth could be due to the weaker economy.

In any case, offering free listing for items that allow local pick up would be a good move but what happens if the buyer goes to pick up the item and found that it’s not as he had imagined or maybe not what he wanted and he changes his mind? When would eBay’s FVF be charged?buy cialis online

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