EON Bank Targets Additional 80,000 Credit Card Holders in 2010

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EON Bank is targeting an additional 80,000 new credit card holders for the year, adding up to the current user base of 586,000 card holders right now. In the just concluded MATTA Fair, holders of EON Bank’s MATTA credit card had plenty to be happy about with the numerous features and goodies exclusively for cards swiped during MATTA Fair. In addition to this, EON Bank will also be targeting shoppers with the launch of new credit cards.

Frankly, with the implementation of the RM50 credit card service fee per annum for each principal card and RM25 per annum for each supplementary card, I am not sure if there would be anyone who already owns one or two credit cards who would want to apply or accept if it was offered yet another credit card.

Surely, most banks or credit card issuers allow card holders to offset the service charge with reward or loyalty points but if a credit card user holds a few cards, it would not be that easy to accumulate points.purchase motilium online

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