Free Credit Cards

It looks like a trend now with banks calling up their customers and offering them free credit cards without fully understanding if they could afford a credit card. I think it’s pretty dangerous and one of the causes that has led to an increase in credit card debt. A lot of people just don’t know how to manage their expenses and end up misusing, or worse, abusing their credit cards.

A friend told me that he recently received such a phone call from his bank and he was literally forced to accept the card. My friend is still waiting for it to arrive in the post but he is unsure if he should keep it or just cut it into two and return it to his bank.

According to my friend, he has a really bad experience previously with credit card debt and it took him much effort to get the debt settled. It took him so long that the bank already outsourced his debt account to a Collection Agency to follow through.

Using cash, my friend feels a look freer and he is afraid that having a credit card, although tempting, would disrupt his financial equilibrium again. Well, I don’t know. Perhaps he had already learned his lesson and would use his credit card more responsibly?

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