Junior Outdoor Sports

My friend, Doris, told me that she would like to introduce an outdoor sport to her son. He is an only child and because he is an introvert, spends too much time at home either on the computer, watching TV or playing games on his game console. It’s not to say that all these things are bad, though. He just needs to socialize more with people his age.

I asked if Doris have thought of getting him started on baseball. It’s a team sport and he would be able to make a lot of friends if they all share a similar interest or love for a sport. I told Doris that she could buy

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Baseball Equipment for children and then invite the neighborhood children to come over to play. That would be fun, I think.

To make such sports more interesting, Doris could even buy uniform sets for all the kids who come to play. I know, it’s a little too extravagant but money is of no concern to Doris and her husband and I know that her son would love it. Perhaps after all the investment, they should hold a weekly event in their backyard. This certainly could pull the boy away from his idiot boxes.

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