Monthly Car Allowance

Jason informed me last evening that he has just taken on a new job. It’s temporary until he could secure a better paying job that he is trained in. He said that it’s a sales job and he would be on the road a lot since he has been put to cover both central and northern regions of the country.

I think it’s good that he has finally found a job after almost a year! Jason isn’t too happy though but I think that it’s just because he was too pampered previously. According to him, he now has to use his own vehicle when he has had the use of a company car for more than 15 years in his previous jobs. I guess it’s because he was in upper management. Good think they didn’t provide him with a driver as well!

I told Jason that it’s not all bad since he would be paid a monthly Car Allowance

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to cover his traveling expenses. It would be a fair amount and based on mileage so Jason should not be afraid that he is being taken advantage of. Of course, ultimately, it’s his sales figures that speak and not how much traveling he has done or the length of the country that he has covered.

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