No Plans To Move Out

My friend, Paul, asked me if I have plans to move my small office out of my house. He said that it would be more professional to run an office separate from my place of residence. Don’t I know that? It’s just that my business is just a small set up and I see no point in increasing my cost of running it. Besides, I find running a SOHO most convenient. Perhaps, I am so used to it, I would not be able to adapt to a change. Well, unless my business is so large that I feel like I deserve a posh office!

If I were to move my small office to a REAL office, I would need to engage the services of a Moving Company

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. I may not have too many things to shift but I don’t have my own transport and some things like filing cabinets and office furniture are just too large to fit into a car. That’s going to cost a considerable amount of money, money that I am not prepared to spend yet.

At this point, I am very happy with the arrangement and don’t mind the curious questions from people when they first learn that I work from home. In fact, some of these people tell me that they would like to be like me, working from home without having to battle with daily traffic jams commuting to and from work!

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