Town For Auction On eBay

Once in awhile, we come across some really interesting auctions on eBay that are worth writing about, just like this one. The entire town called Wauconda is currently up on eBay and it is being put up for auction by its owner. Yes, the entire town!

To know what the town has, you will have to read the description of the auction but I tell you, it is going to be an adventure running the entire town. The owner can declare himself as the mayor of the tow, I guess. I just came back from Genting Highlands and you know, it is going to be awesome to the new owner to know that he owns the ENTIRE land and could do anything with it.

Unfortunately, to own a TOWN is not going to be a cheap affair and I believe it is going to cost plenty of time and effort to run it!

eBay link:

We will obviously announce it here on redmond pie as soon as it goes live

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