Updates To eBay Cross Border Trade Terms of Agreement

I received an email announcement on 5th of March that beginning 1st March, 2010 (it looks like eBay does use Pony Express) eBay Sellers who list on eBay US and UK sites will be asked to accept an additional eBay Cross Border Trade Terms of Agreement.

Personally, I hate reading the fine print and anyway, this doesn’t affect me at all since I do not list on eBay US or UK but I am curious to see what sort of changes eBay is talking about and am shocked to know that, in short, in the case of a dispute between an eBay Seller and Buyer and if the Buyer if found to qualify for eBay Buyer Protection then PayPal has the right to remove funds from your PayPal account, credit card or bank account linked to your PayPal account.

Seriously, this is really scary and there is no denying it doesn’t sit well with me. Sellers who continue to list their items are deemed to have agreed to such terms and have signed the “rights” over to eBay already to mess with their finances with PayPal and those who do not agree, well, they can leave eBay. That’s the kind of tone I got.

US eBay Buyer Protection Policy: http://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/buyer-protection.html

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UK eBay Buyer Protection Policy: http://pages.ebay.co.uk/help/policies/buyer-protection.htmlbrand name cialis online

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