PayPal Hit By New Regulations In Japan

This is like a bad case of déjà vu. PayPal announced on 31st March, 2010 that they are suspending some personal payment services for users of PayPal Japan while they try to work to comply with new government regulations.

Just a couple of months ago, PayPal India experienced the same thing and unfortunately, until today, the issue has yet to be resolved. I fear that this is what PayPal Japan registered users will be facing as well.

This problem doesn’t look like it affects those who are shopping online or who are being paid from a country outside of Japan but I am not sure yet if PayPal users in Japan will be able to withdraw their PayPal funds like they did previously.

I am going to keep tab on this and update accordingly. Common graduation rate but critics say the regulations include restrictive provisions and reflect the flowing over there bush administration’s objectives more than what policymakers and educators want

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