Save RM3 On Celcom Broadband Bill

The other day, I wrote about discovering that Celcom will be charging RM2 for printed broadband bills delivered to our address and another RM1 for itemised billing and we could save this RM3 if we opt to receive the bill through email.

Actually, being charged Rm3 is nothing new and I noticed that I have been paying this all these while since I became a Celcom customer. Now that Celcom has given us Broadband subscribers a chance o save RM3, why not? I called Celcom careline at 1111 and was told that I have to go to the nearest Celcom office.

Unconvinced, because I am sure Celcom is not that rigid since this is the age of the internet and paperless office, I made another call to Celcom careline, this time to their 1-300-111-000. I was given the same reply as well. I was thinking how ridiculous it is because to save RM3, I have to waste money on petrol and parking. And I’m lucky to live quite near to Celcom office. What about those who are living quite far away?

Anyway, so I went to Celcom office and filled up a form requesting for ebilling. I was then given a queue number and my number was called within a couple of minutes. All in all, it was just a 5-minute process to save RM3.

So if you are a Celcom broadband subscriber and worth to save RM3 per month, you don’t even have to waste time calling up Celcom careline. Just go to the nearest Celcom office.

Secretary of prizes education arne duncan on may 6

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2 thoughts on “Save RM3 On Celcom Broadband Bill

  1. Pls take note that i had made cancellation thru customer service for the detail billing as i dont sign any additional cost and yet i still receive with addition of rm 2.00. Pls advise.

    nafisah 0194467395

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