Redeem Maybank Treat Points (10,000 Points For RM50)

I called up Maybank customer service to try to redeem my Treat Points through the phone. The lady said that I could do that and after verification, I was asked what i would like to redeem.

When I told her I would like to redeem the RM50 service tax with 10,000 points, she said I can’t do that because the charge isn’t in my account yet. So this means that I will have to wait for the charge to be in my statement first before I can call up to redeem the RM50 to offset my bill.

I am not so convinced about this. What if Maybank requires me to settle the statement first and then only offset the money with my Treat Points. It’s not a problem because the amount is not big but the difficulty always lies in claiming it back. You know how slow corporations are when they make outgoing payments!

Anyone has this experience? Kindly share. Payment can also be recorded within the app and once this is complete, the app’s usage is covered

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