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A friend, who just started an online business, told me that he is using a “new technology” for his website. When pressed, he said it is cloud technology. Ah, I had wanted to check out this technology but haven’t found the time for my research. I am not starting a website, not at the moment, but am planning to subscribe to a cloud back up service.

I have just checked

but haven’t decided which company to go with. The website provides very in-depth reviews of currently top three online back up service providers, with a breakdown on features available.

While for some people, the first thing they check is the price, I think reliability is the most important aspect when it comes to online backup services. I enjoy peace of mind knowing that my files that are stored away are safe and secure. Another thing that I would look into, before going for the lowest price is how much space I am allocated. Some services may seem cheap but if they only offer a small space, then it wouldn’t be worth it. I personally would go for unlimited storage space.

Anyway, according to the reviews, all top three services offer a free trial for two weeks. That should be sufficient time for us to try them out.

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