Ron95 Increased By 20sen

Well, it has finally happened. Malaysia’s Ron95 has increased by 20 sen per litre from RM1.90 to RM2.10. I wouldn’t say this is affordable or not because it really depends on how much fuel we use a month, and whether we get any compensation for it in the course of our work.

Anyway, I am glad that most of the time, I only pump petrol using a credit card, which gives me 5% cash rebate at the end of the month.

If you are still paying by cash with your own money, perhaps it is time to think about getting a credit card that offers you cash back, on fuel. That certainly helps in reducing the cost of petrol. Depending on which card you are using, it may not be much, but it is still something.

Be mindful of the evils of credit cards, though!

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