USD1 = MYR3.86391

It’s indeed challenging times ahead for us Malaysians as the Ringgit continues to get weaker. This is the weakest I have ever seen the Ringgit at compared to the Dollar. And it is distressing for me too, obviously, even though I do earn a bit of US Dollars but then again, I also do spend a bit of it, so whatever benefit that I may enjoy is offset.

I don’t know how long or how much more this decline will continue. If I were to earn more USD, I’d be cheering but dang, I am holding on to some Aussie Dollar and I am hoping that it would go beyond 3.0 to a Dollar but it doesn’t look like I’m in luck! Argh!

Unter der annahme einiger intuitiv einsichtiger mathematischer einschr√§nkungen √ľber die gesuchte fehlerverteilung leitete er durch ein streng mathematisch-analytisches vorgehen die normalverteilung als fehlerverteilung her

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