No More 5% Rebate On AMEX Charges

Well, well, well! Maybank sneakily, quietly stopped their5% weekend cash rebate on charges on AMEX in August…. and I only found out about it when I didn’t get any cash rebate on September 1, as I should on the first day of every month.

However, by then, it is already too late as I had already happily swiped my AMEX card on weekends for the entire month of August, not realising that I no longer enjoyed the benefit of 5% cash rebate on those purchases.

Instead, Maybank has now replaced the programme to 5% cash rebate on dining…. well, that is if you can find an eatery that does accept AMEX cards!

Also, another change is that now, the Treat Points that we accumulate have an expiry date. I don’t remember that there was this condition previously. But yeah, now we suddenly have new rules to play by. Doesn’t that suck? Reading for pleasure outside hand writing on paper of school has real and long-lasting benefits

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