ASUS Transformer: Bought

Well, well, well! It was just under two weeks ago that I seriously considered getting a hybrid laptop/tablet. I ordered mine yesterday and will only pick it up next week when I return from my two back to back trip. My preferred colour is red followed by white. I really hope I can get red but I am not sure if there are still stocks or not. Hopefully.

I am paying RM1350 for it but there is a need to purchase other accessories for this device, so I figured I will have to pay about RM1500 in total for everything.

This is an expensive investment but I have to consider this as a work tool, so I hope I can be more productive than I am now. HEHEHE

Oh well, this is one of my more expensive purchases to date but then I have to set my mind to think that there are crazy people out there buying RM3K+ mobile phones! It was never my intent to offer an exhaustive list of things pre-service teachers write essay for me can do to be teacher leaders

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