Here’s a list of Do Follow Bloggers. Each comment that you leave on their (and my) blog counts as a backlink to your own site. This way, we can help each other raise our Google Page Rank and Technorati rating.

If you would like to know more about the Do Follow concept or join this blogroll, please read


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12 thoughts on “DoFollow

  1. Hi Cade,

    Thanks for visiting! Yes, I think it provides a great incentive for readers to leave a comment and I do notice a marked increase in my comment count!

  2. Hi MommiBee,

    I just clicked on it and it is all right now. Tricia has been experiencing hosting problems for the past few weeks. So you can join the blogroll now if you want!

  3. Hi Himanshu,

    I have also just submitted a new blog to the blogroll and it is still not included in there.

    I think most probably Tricia, the administrator of this blogroll, requires a little more time to include all the links in.

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