Beginner Musician

A cousin of mine was very excited to inform me that he finally knows what he wants to be. Well, his ambition had changed numerous times over the years, like any young man. He gets influenced easily too, by parents and peers alike.

Now, he said that he would like to be a musician and that was after having seen my friend work on his korg microstation. It fascinated him.

According to my friend, the microstation micro synth is good enough for a beginner, just as it is good enough for a professional musician like himself.

Now, if only my cousin is serious about his ambition. If only the microstation is a tad cheaper!

Clearing Off Junk

If I have the time, I would like to clear off some items from my room and sell them off online. eBay, Mudah or Lelong are my preferred sites for selling pre-loved items or items that are still new and yet old, if you know what I mean.

But then again, it is no longer as easy to be an online seller as it used to be in the early days. Now, the authorities are hot on the necks of online sellers due to revenue from taxes.

Therefore, I am no longer sure that I would get into trouble or not if I were to sell my junk casually. What do you think?

Out Shopping in KL

When we were in transit on the way home from New Delhi to Ipoh, my friends and I made a stop at a major Kuala Lumpur shopping complex.

He wanted to look for a sunburst guitar which he had been searching for a long time. Ipoh is just not that advanced when it comes to musical instruments, I think.

Anyway, due to insufficient time, we couldn’t get what he wanted, so I suggested that he get it online. It is more convenient and saves time! At least, he could also easily compare the different products that are available. Don’t you think so?

Nothing Like Home

I just got back from India where my friends and I spent about four days travelling the Golden Triangle.

India is a great country and it is not easy to get to know her. The people are great but those that we meet are poor and life is tough for them.

Lots of colours, lots of noise, and when we came back to Ipoh, it was peace on earth! Really, this is something that many of us do not know how to appreciate until we go to a country like India and come home.

Nothing is like home, as the saying goes. Well, unless one is super rich in India, and perhaps things may look differently.

Production of Electronic Music

As a lover of electronic music, I have always enjoyed the different mixes. I would like to learn how to mix my electronic music but never had the opportunity to ask anyone.

Well, I met a friend recently who said that he’d be glad to teach me. He’s using korg electribe Found at Musician Friend and he will let me have a go at it.

I am so happy with the development and can’t wait to start my lesson. I’ve read how good the Korg Electribe is. Only thing is, maybe my friend’s unit is an older model. Still, who am I to complain?

Star Wars Fever

The newly released Star Wars have been better than anticipated. Many of my friends, die hard fans of Star Wars, have sacrificed their sleep just to catch the premier. One fan in the United States even purchased a replica of a “Star Wars: A New Hope” Stormtrooper from 2007 for $8,125. Did you read that?

It’s only a replica, you know, not even the real deal. The collective Star Wars memorabilia auctioned off fetched more than $500,000.

BUT, to think that the entire collection of items auctioned off belonged to a Japanese designer and creative entrepreneur by the name of Nigo, who began his collection at the age of 6 years old decades ago.

I’m just glad that I’m no fan of Star Wars and so, my money is saved, and I didn’t lose any sleep over it.

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