A Chance Encounter

I bumped into a friend at a cafe last night while I was having my tea break. He was there will his wife for dinner. After finishing our meals, we decided to head to his house as he wanted to show me his newly refurbished entertainment room. Ah, since he wanted to show off, I thought I’d just humor him.

He also showed me his musiciansfriend journeyman guitar case which just arrived through the post that morning.

It was a proud moment for him, as though he was showing off his new baby!

4th of July

It’s the 4th in two days’ time. Although I am not in America, it is a significant day for me, and one that i will always remember and celebrate. It is the birthday of my long-time pen pal in Germany, someone whom I have known since we were 16 years old.

Which means to say, I have been forced to purchase a gift for this occasion for many years now, or at least get a birthday card for him. LOL

This year, like the past couple of years, I will just drop him an email, as I am running short of time to search for an appropriate gift. Yes, I have had this date at the back of my heard for a long time but just couldn’t find the time to look for a gift. It’s not easy when he’s someone who could afford everything that he needs!

Piano Performance

During my most recent holiday to Langkawi, I spent two nights at a resort. While waiting for an event to begin at one of the ballrooms, I spotted a piano there. My friend sat down and played it like a professional and I was so surprised. First of all, I never knew her hidden talent and secondly, she is a lot older than I am so she must have learned the piano a long, long time ago!

And now, after that incident, I am beginning to feel that I too should take up the piano. My friend has suggested that I get a used yamaha ypp-50 so that even if I were to give up halfway, my investment in this journey is still just minimal.

Oh, I don’t know. Should I, should I not? There’s just so much to do, I believe that I won’t be able to see through my lessons!

Tax-Free Haven

Having just returned from Langkawi, I must say that it’s taking me quite a while to get used to government taxes again. I don’t understand why some places can make do without taxes but other places need to take the tax path…. and we can only expect the rate of taxes to increase over time, making everything so much more expensive!

If only I could enjoy a 0% tax life, then it would definitely save me lots of $$$, which means that part of my daily stress will be reduced. Don’t you think so?

But I know that’s only wishful thinking. I’d be happy if the tax rate remains and not increase! Bah!

Werkstatt-Ø1: Moogfest 2014 Kit

My cousin brother, who is manager of a audio and visual shop in the capital city, told me that business has dropped drastically. Generally, the market for everything has slowed down because of the new Goods and Service Tax, you see.

But for audio and visual products, they have always been considered as luxury, hence, one of the first industries to get hit when consumers tighten their belts.

However, according to him, thankfully, people are still looking for analog synthesizers, and the new Moog Werkstatt 01 has been extremely well-received.

And most of those looking for the synthesizer are young electronic musicians.

Hoo-Haa Over 6% GST

The 6% Goods and Service Tax in Malaysia is finally implemented beginning April 1, 2015. It came after a long warning.

Well, I’m not sure if it’s fair to tax us at 6% and not at a lower rate for a start, or even if it should be implemented at all.

Coincidentally, I received a phone call from Telekom Malaysia a few days ago, and I asked the caller how my UniFi bill is calculated with the GST.

He told me that before GST, I had to pay RM149 + whatever access I used for that month and that tax was only charged on the excess.

With GST, I would have to pay the 6% tax on the entire bill, which means that I would have to pay about RM9 extra every month, without using additional services.

And we have been told that things would not get pricier? How f@rked up is that?

Christmas Party Invitation

My friend asked me what are my plans for Christmas and New Year. I said I don’t have any yet, but I’ll be around in my hometown. I guess I have too much to do to think about enjoying.

But then she said that I could join her family in the celebration, which I am not even sure if I have the time or mood to do so yet.

She said that her husband, which I also know, has got himself a new guitar, a 2014 les paul traditional, which he is going to perform at the party!

That is going to be interesting and I think I HAVE to make time to attend it, even if I have a thousand and one things to take care of at work!!