Loom Band Dress Craze

July 14, 2014 – 10:49 am

The simple idea of turning loom bands into dresses has took eBay by storm with buyers willing to pay thousands of pounds for a dress. The clever idea was of course driven by the rainbow colours of the looms, which would surely attract any female.

But then again, who wants to wear a rubber loom band dress all the time? It would only be good for a night’s costume party and then it would be kept away in the closet. Definitely not worth paying thousands of pounds for it.

I’d rather make my own!

Five Packages

June 17, 2014 – 6:10 pm

Wow, I thought that I have pledged not to make any unnecessary purchases for at least six months but I guess I have failed to keep the promise to myself because since returning from my 9-day vacation to the Netherlands, I have made FIVE purchases….and I have only been back for a total of ten days.

Although these are small purchases, and the most expensive is only RM500, they add up, and breaks my budget for the month.

Oh well, what to do? These are mostly things that I need, as opposed to things that I want, and the RM500 purchase has been long in coming. Could have been more expensive, but I opted for the cheaper alternative. Blah.


June 4, 2014 – 12:47 pm

I have been invited to a party in two weeks’ time and because I am currently on vacation, I don’t have the time to search for my attire. Heck, I don’t even know whom I am going to the party as!

But first, I am going to check out curly wigs, see what are available, what style I am happy with and then only decide from there.

I guess I should be able to come up with something soon!

Check Your Credit Card Statements

May 19, 2014 – 10:58 pm

My sister has a habit of not opening all her mails, and even throwing some of them thinking that they are just spam. Spam in the mailbox. She had even thrown away cheques before, and it was a hassle getting it reissued.

I recently reminded her the importance of checking her credit card statements so that if there was a fraudulent transaction, she could inform her bank as soon as possible.

There had been too many instances where credit cards were misused. Even I had to cancel my card and have it replaced several months ago.

It doesn’t matter if the amount is small. Fraudsters sometimes start with a small transaction to see if it gets through.

What’s The Best Credit Card For Cash Rebates?

April 28, 2014 – 2:58 pm

I have this AMEX card issued by Maybank that allows me a 5% cash rebate on my weekend purchases, to a maximum of RM50 monthly.

Unfortunately, these past couple of months, I have spent more than RM1000 in retail purchases on weekend, which meant that after I have reached the RM50 threshold, I no longer get to enjoy further cash rebate, which is a loss to me, albeit not a big one.

Still, a penny saved is a penny earned and I would like to have a credit card that does not impose a cash rebate limit on my purchases.

Hmm I know it’s available as I was approached by a credit card sales personnel before but I cannot remember which is the bank issuer. Please help me out?

Homeless Man Withdraws Thousands From Faulty ATM Machine

April 6, 2014 – 12:51 pm

A homeless man in Maine, USA, withdrew US$140 from his bank account and was lucky to have it dispense more cash to him.

At 5.30am, he tried his lucky again and kept withdrawing, and withdrawing, until he had accumulated US$37,000!

The woman who queued behind him got impatient and saw him, as a homeless man, stuffing too much cash into his shopping bag, and made a police report.

Luckily for the bank, he handed all the excess money back to the bank, and was not charged. Well, not that he did any crime intentionally. LOL

The money didn’t come from his account, or the account of any other customers, but the machine itself, which had a technical glitch.

White Xbox One On eBay for $2,699.95

March 25, 2014 – 1:27 pm

An employee-only white Xbox One has been posted on eBay for a hefty $2,699.95. The Xbox, which has been tagged “I Made This, Launch Team 2013” was meant for Microsoft employees only, and not for public sale.

However, there was no mention of resale policy, and so this enterprising employee of Microsoft has put it up for sale.

Well, is anyone willing to pay almost $2,700 for an Xbox One where the only difference from a regular one seems to be its colour?