Audio Recording

I friend is creating videos for a college project and he had asked for my opinion on the equipment that he should use. He thought that I must have some knowledge since I dabble in video production, but I am only involved in a minor role! Well, sorry to disappoint him. Nonetheless, I spared the […]

Happy New Year

It’s going to 2017 in a couple of days! My, how time has flown by just like that. I don’t remember how it was like when it was 205. I seemed to have lost my memory as well, on top of the time. How 2017 will turn out to be still remains to be seen. […]

Ukulele or Banjo?

When my young cousin expressed interest in picking up a musical instrument, the entire family got extremely excited, and had a long family meeting. They discussed what he should learn, and the general consensus was guitar or drums. That’s the usual male instruments, right? But then my cousin said he wants to learn either the […]