Custom Guitar

My friend, who just picked up playing the guitar, has told me that he’s yearning for the day he owns a custom guitar.

I have known this friend for quite some time now and I know that he is someone who usually doesn’t see things through. Therefore, I am rather apprehensive that he may be in this for just a short while; too short a time or flame of passion to justify spending money on a customised guitar.

Anyway, I advised him that maybe the Gibson 1965 firebird V would be a better buy. Notable for its asymmetrical shape, it has mahogany wings, nickel hardware and many more eye-catching features.

As someone who doesn’t play the guitar, maybe what he wants is a better guitar. However, I am thinking of a safer investment, just in case he gives up halfway.

No More 5% Rebate On AMEX Charges

Well, well, well! Maybank sneakily, quietly stopped their5% weekend cash rebate on charges on AMEX in August…. and I only found out about it when I didn’t get any cash rebate on September 1, as I should on the first day of every month.

However, by then, it is already too late as I had already happily swiped my AMEX card on weekends for the entire month of August, not realising that I no longer enjoyed the benefit of 5% cash rebate on those purchases.

Instead, Maybank has now replaced the programme to 5% cash rebate on dining…. well, that is if you can find an eatery that does accept AMEX cards!

Also, another change is that now, the Treat Points that we accumulate have an expiry date. I don’t remember that there was this condition previously. But yeah, now we suddenly have new rules to play by. Doesn’t that suck?

Storage Solutions

I have been asking a friend to help me out in building drawers under my staircase so that I could store away stuff. I drew him pictures of what I plan to have but he still hasn’t allocated time to come over to my house to have a look. I know I am going to take up a lot of his time with this project but I am willing to pay him, simply because I just love what he has done with his home!

By the way, he has told me that he would need to get ahold of 36 in drawer slides which I will gladly do since I can just place an order online and have them shipped to my address. LOL

I can’t wait for the new draws to be installed and clear my home of clutter!

USD1 = MYR3.86391

It’s indeed challenging times ahead for us Malaysians as the Ringgit continues to get weaker. This is the weakest I have ever seen the Ringgit at compared to the Dollar. And it is distressing for me too, obviously, even though I do earn a bit of US Dollars but then again, I also do spend a bit of it, so whatever benefit that I may enjoy is offset.

I don’t know how long or how much more this decline will continue. If I were to earn more USD, I’d be cheering but dang, I am holding on to some Aussie Dollar and I am hoping that it would go beyond 3.0 to a Dollar but it doesn’t look like I’m in luck! Argh!

A Chance Encounter

I bumped into a friend at a cafe last night while I was having my tea break. He was there will his wife for dinner. After finishing our meals, we decided to head to his house as he wanted to show me his newly refurbished entertainment room. Ah, since he wanted to show off, I thought I’d just humor him.

He also showed me his musiciansfriend journeyman guitar case which just arrived through the post that morning.

It was a proud moment for him, as though he was showing off his new baby!

4th of July

It’s the 4th in two days’ time. Although I am not in America, it is a significant day for me, and one that i will always remember and celebrate. It is the birthday of my long-time pen pal in Germany, someone whom I have known since we were 16 years old.

Which means to say, I have been forced to purchase a gift for this occasion for many years now, or at least get a birthday card for him. LOL

This year, like the past couple of years, I will just drop him an email, as I am running short of time to search for an appropriate gift. Yes, I have had this date at the back of my heard for a long time but just couldn’t find the time to look for a gift. It’s not easy when he’s someone who could afford everything that he needs!

Piano Performance

During my most recent holiday to Langkawi, I spent two nights at a resort. While waiting for an event to begin at one of the ballrooms, I spotted a piano there. My friend sat down and played it like a professional and I was so surprised. First of all, I never knew her hidden talent and secondly, she is a lot older than I am so she must have learned the piano a long, long time ago!

And now, after that incident, I am beginning to feel that I too should take up the piano. My friend has suggested that I get a used yamaha ypp-50 so that even if I were to give up halfway, my investment in this journey is still just minimal.

Oh, I don’t know. Should I, should I not? There’s just so much to do, I believe that I won’t be able to see through my lessons!