Are You Spending More Than You Are Earning?

Earlier, I wrote that it is getting way easier to obtain a credit card and while cutting down on red tape is good, I noticed that many of my friends are spending more than they earn. The recent notice that petrol stations gave about not accepting credit cards for fuel purchase has made many of […]

It’s Really Too Easy To Obtain A Credit Card

The other day, I wrote that I have the Maybank Petronas Visa credit card forced upon me. Well, I am not alone. I personally feel that it is way too easy to obtain a credit card now and it is dangerous, you know?!? Some of my friends also had credit cards forced on them. There’s […]

My Maybank Petronas Visa Credit Card

The other day, I wrote that I was offered a Maybank Petronas Visa Credit Card and that I did not even have to fill out any form or read any terms and conditions because there are NO terms and conditions attached to the card except the usual credit limit and the interest rate on credit […]

Petroleum Dealers Association of Malaysia Rejects Credit Cards

Petroleum Dealers Association of Malaysia has urged all their members to stop accepting credit cards from customers. This is because that while their profit per litre of petrol or diesel remains the same, their transaction fee has gone up. Petrol stations need to pay banks 1% commission for every credit card transaction and they claim […]

Borrowing Money From Loan Sharks With Credit Cards

Buy cheap Viagra online I’ve wanted to write about this for the longest time but I kept forgetting. I jotted this down on my notepad way back in April! That’s almost two months ago! Anyway, there’s this trend adopted by loan sharks whereby people who want to borrow money from them need only to make […]

MayBank Petronas Visa Credit Card

Buy cheap Viagra online The other day, I received a telephone call from a lady who introduced herself as a staff of Maybank’s credit card department in Shah Alam. I think she got hold of my details as I am a Maybank account holder. Anyway, she said that I qualify for a Maybank Petronas Visa […]